Wedding trends will we be seeing throughout 2019…

Wedding Trend Predictions 2019

The start of January is always an exciting time for wedding planners and stylists, it’s not just a new year full of new and exciting goals and motivation for our business for the year, but it is when the International Wedding Report is released by The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning which is full of predictions for the latest weddings trends from industry leaders which we will see in 2019. 

But where do we get our inspiration and predictions from in the first place? Well fashion and interior design will play a bit part in predicting trends from colours and decor and I will make sure I keep an eye on these trends throughout the year, however in 2018 we had two royal weddings which has played a huge part in influencing trends for this year. 

Meghan Markle and her simple and elegant wedding dress has definitely been a huge influence in the trend of simplicity and minimalism which we will see in all areas of the wedding, including the dress, tablescape, hair and makeup.  People will also be spending more on the overall experience of the wedding rather than ‘stuff’. We may also start to see smaller weddings with people concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

Food is becoming more and more important at weddings and is something the guests remember from a wedding. The traditional sit down, three course meal will become less the norm and grazing tables will become more popular allowing guests to graze on food whilst chatting and enjoying time with their friends and family. A grazing table is a fairly new concept in the UK coming over from Australia and New Zealand and is not your traditional beige buffet! They look beautiful, colourful and are full of delicious antipasti, charcuterie and dips and are sure to make a statement. 

The colour palette that probably compliments the ‘minimalist’ look the most is the shimmer and shine trend we are starting to see. This is not about millions of sequins everywhere but a more elegant and classic look. After the recent popularity of gold, we will start to see silver coming back on the tables, lots of cut-glass, mirrors, candles and orchids are set to be big this year in the floral arrangements. 

If you follow me over on my Facebook page @carolynlouiseweddings, you may have seen a video where I talked about my prediction of bold and deep blues and greens being popular this year, so I was delighted to see in the report that jewel tones are set to be a big trend this year. Think peacock feathers and those beautiful emerald greens and sapphire blues - definitely one of my favourite trends and brings in that luxury and glamorous feel. 

We will also start to see less pastel colours and more bold, bright colours. Orange is also set to be a popular colour with pops of yellow and red. Greenery and foliage is still very popular and we will start to see statement pieces hanging from ceilings and floral installations that give guests that wow factor, not just on the tables but during the wedding ceremony as well.  

The final trend and one that is probably definitely here to stay is being more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. This is a hot topic at the moment and was re-enforced by the second royal wedding of last year with Princess Eugenie who opted for a completely plastic free wedding. I think we will see a lot more environmentally conscious couples opting for plastic free. Vegan and organic food is becoming more and more requested and couples want to also use seasonal and local florals and foliage.  

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