Wedding Planning Tips: Surviving the UK heatwave - Keeping cool on your wedding day

You may have read my recent blog post about what to do if it rains on your wedding day (if not, you can catch up here:… well if the recent heatwave that has hit the UK has got anything to go by and with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees in parts of Britain, you won’t be needing those any time soon. So whilst most brides to be are wishing for the sun to come out for their special day, I thought I’d write a blog with some wedding planning tips to help keep you cool during the hot weather. 

#1 - Keep Hydrated
The sun and heat, combined with alcohol can cause major problems, therefore hydration is vital. Obviously you can’t control the amount of water and/or alcohol that your guests drink, however make sure that there is plenty of water available for people to keep hydrated. Speak to your wedding planner, venue and/or caterers to ensure that there is always jugs of ice water available throughout the day.

#2 - Suncream
Many people now provide their guests with some essentials in the restrooms during a wedding reception. Why not provide them with some suncream to help prevent guests getting burnt, especially if there are children at the wedding. 

#3 - Provide Shade
If you know the weather is likely to be hot on your wedding day, speak to your wedding planner to ensure that there are plenty of shaded spots available for your guests to seek shelter from the sun. If you are planning welcome drinks in the garden, make sure there are seats in a shaded area and if you are having music or entertainment outside make sure they are set up in a shaded spot, or at least not in direct sunlight. If there is a lack of shade, give guests an option of sitting inside or consider hiring a gazebo. 

#4 - Parasols
I mentioned Brollies Galore in my blog post about rain, but as well as selling umbrella’s they have a beautiful range of sun parasols, from Chinese paper parasols, lace parasols or UV protective umbrellas. View their range here:

#5 - Fans/Air-conditioning units
This tip is especially important if you are having a marquee wedding. If the marquee is part of the venue, discuss with them about hiring fans or portable air conditioning units. This may be an additional cost that you hadn’t budgeted for, however I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Trust me, there doesn’t need to be a heatwave for marquees to get very hot and humid, making you feel very uncomfortable. If you are hiring a marquee, speak to the marquee company about opening up the sides of the marquee, make sure they show you how to do this when they are putting up the marquee and speak to them about whether they offer air-conditioning units as part of a package, or if they can recommend anyone to hire them from.