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Guest Blog Series: by Nikki McFarlane, Styling and Retail Design.

With wedding season in full swing finding that perfect outfit can be daunting. After the initial excitement of a wedding invitation landing on your welcome mat, comes the sheer panic of what to wear. Whilst fashion rules and wedding guest outfit etiquette has been thrown out the window, there are a few simple steps you can follow to make sure you are looking and feeling great from the ceremony right up until the DJ announces the final song.

1. Complement your colouring
Your perfect colours can be determined by your hair, eye colour and skin tone. For blondes your go-to colour palette is pastels. These can be rocked in a number of ways. Whether you wear it head to toe or with an accessory or shoe to add colour to a muted tone outfit. Brunettes and redheads are able to go darker and more vibrant. Choose colour blocking to make a statement. When in doubt navy and turquoise are the way to go and a good place to start as these colours suit all skin tones and make you feel incredible.

2. Flatter your body shape
We all know there are a number of body shapes out there but we are all still unique and beautiful. Most woman strive to have that ‘perfect’ hour glass figure. Whatever your body shape, it’s all about tricking the eye and creating the illusion of that perfect figure. This can be done using patterns, panelling, outfit details and fabrics. Draw attention to your best bits and distract from your perfect imperfections. Ladies, embrace your body shape and you will be feeling a million dollars.

3. Venue and theme appropriate
A lot of brides tend to have a particular theme for their big day. This doesn’t mean you have to dress head to toe in their chosen colour palette, just be aware of the style of wedding they are going for. You wouldn’t want to turn up in a full length gown if the wedding is more of a boho vibe. Don’t panic, the invitation doesn’t just hold vital information such as dates/times, the style will usually give you all the info you need.

4. Match your style personality
With your typical wedding guest rules long gone, it’s time to go wild and have fun with your outfit choice. We all have different personalities even when it comes to fashion. Yes, you are attending a wedding but you can still stay true to yourself and let your amazing personality shine. Whether you are girlie, creative or city chic there are so many options to create your perfect wedding look. If you stay true to your style personality you will feel incredible, even after a couple of glasses of champagne.

5. Look current
With vintage being extremely popular lately you can team it with current and on trend accessories to bring it back to life. Looking current doesn’t mean you have to throw on all of this seasons trends straight off the catwalk. You can do this by wearing shapes and styles that are on the high street right now. You may even have something in your wardrobe that can be revamped or teamed with a different shoe or accessory and will look bang on trend and up to date.

These top wedding guest tips are to make you feel and look the best version of yourself, and, can be used in your every day wardrobe so you feel amazing whatever the occasion. Fashion is supposed to be fun, even at a wedding, there are no rules. Stay true to who you are, let your personality shine through, hit that dance floor and have an absolute blast.

Above images: All clothing and shoes are from Next £27-£82. 

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