Wedding costs couples forget about...

Wedding costs couples forget about…

Last month Instagram was accused to be the main reason that the average cost of a wedding has now increased to £31,974 - according to the National Wedding Survey 2019. 42% of couples said that they spent 30% over their budget to have an Instagram/Pinterest worthy wedding! 

I have listed some of the costs below that couples tend to forget about when budgeting their wedding to help you stick to your budget. I also have a FREE e-book to help you style your wedding day, but more about that later. 

1. Legal costs

The legals are obviously one of the most important part of planning the wedding but is a cost a lot of people forget about. In the UK it will cost £35 per person to give notice of a marriage and £47 if one or both persons live outside the UK. If you are booking a registrar to conduct your ceremony it can cost anything between £46-£86 depending on where you are getting married. 

It’s also worth noting if you are having your wedding reception in a venue that isn’t licensed then you may need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN), licensable activities include selling alcohol, providing entertainment and serving hot food between 11pm-5am. This costs around £21 and you must apply at least 10 days before the date of the wedding. 

2. On-The-Day Stationery

On the day stationery includes your welcome signage, order of services, table plan, name places, table names and menus. This can actually be quite a big proportion of your budget and is also dependent on the number of guests you have so more guests = more cost with on the day stationery. 

3. Postage

Your wedding invite is the first glimpse of your wedding to your guests and it’s where the whole wedding experience begins. Many couples still like to send out invites in the post but again remember when posting save the dates/invites, as well as the design and printing costs there’s also the cost of the postage to the guests. 

4. Alterations 

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is definitely the wedding dress shopping but don’t forget that unless the dress is being made to measure then you are likely to have alteration costs on top of the cost of the wedding dress. You may also have alterations for your bridesmaids dresses. 

5. Supplier Meals 

When I am working with clients I will always check over supplier contracts. Certain suppliers will require a hot meal on the day which will usually be stated in their contract, this usually includes your photographers, videographers, wedding planner and sometimes the band/musicians depending on when they are playing and what time they are due to arrive at the venue. These numbers will need to be included when you give your venue/caterers numbers. 

As a wedding planner, if you book my full wedding planning service I will keep track of my clients budget, however if you don’t have a wedding planner, it is always worth keeping track of your budget especially with the smaller costs which soon add up! 

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, I currently have an e-book available, giving you my secrets to styling your wedding day, you can download it now, for FREE here.