Styling your wedding day

Styling your wedding day

Carolyn Louise Weddings, Styling your wedding day

One of the biggest mistakes I see couples make when planning/styling their wedding is not pinning down a specific style at the start of their wedding planning journey. I completely get it, Pinterest and Instagram are full of so many beautiful images, it’s easy to gather together so many pictures which have a different style to them, the problem that couples then have is that they they end up with a mismatch of styles throughout their wedding day which can sometimes clash and don’t look great together!

One of the biggest elements to choosing a style for your wedding is the colour palette, these kind of go hand in hand, but if you don’t have a specific colour palette in mind before you start, it doesn’t matter, once you have narrowed down your style then the colour palette will almost come naturally. 

Before my life as a wedding planner, my background was in Marketing & PR, my favourite elements of marketing was branding. When I have an inspiration and styling session with one of my clients, I approach this in a very similar way, bringing all the different elements together to create a beautiful look which all works together. And it’s not just about the ‘look’, it’s about the feelings you want to create on the day for both you as a couple and your guests. 

Carolyn Louise Weddings, Inspiration & Styling
Carolyn Louise Weddings, Inspiration & Styling

How do you want to feel?

Think about how you want your wedding day to make you feel? If you’re struggling with this think about why you use/buy particular brands… your favourite handbag or your favourite perfume probably makes you feel beautiful, confident, luxurious - this is why they are your favourite, rather than about what they look like. So how do you want your guests to feel? And what do you want your guests to remember about your wedding day? 

What’s you and your partner’s personal style? 

I love weddings that include those little touches that reflect the couple’s personality. This could be anything from including colours from the football team you or your partner support in your flowers, naming tables after things that mean something to you both. Maybe you and your partner have quite different styles but with the help of an expert we can create something unique that fits you both perfectly. 

Carolyn Louise Weddings, Inspiration & Styling

Choosing colours

There are obviously colours within the wedding industry that are ‘on trend,' you may have your favourite colours that you want to choose, or maybe you just can’t decide! 

Carolyn Louise Weddings, Inspiration & Styling

Lots of people are scared of colour, but depending on the look and style that you want to create for your wedding, colour will play a huge part in creating this, below are some examples of how you can use colour and create a colour palette. 

White & Natural 

A white colour palette can be very elegant and romantic, this can either be complimented with metals or glass and looks beautiful with lots of greenery and foliage. This colour palette can also go well in a venue that has a lot of character and/decor and you don’t want to distract away from the architecture or make it look like there is too much going on!


Using contrasting colours are perfect for those who want to use a bold and brighter colour palette. Contrasting colours are opposite to each other on the colour wheel, which also makes the colours look more intense, for example purple and orange or pink and green.


I often get clients ask me if it would look silly if they had different shades of the same colour - definitely not! A tonal colour palette is an easy look to achieve and it gives the palette some depth, using dark and light hues from the same colour segment. Plus if you try and exactly match a specific colour you’ll find this very hard, so I would advise using a tonal colour palette. 

Carolyn Louise Weddings, Inspiration & Styling
Carolyn Louise Weddings, Wedding Planner South Wales


Harmonising works when you use colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel, these can work beautifully together and are a great way to include a few different colours in your wedding colour palette without them needing to be bold and bright. For example, you can use red and orange tones leading into some gentle softer pinks or yellows.  

To help you get started with your styling I have created an e-book which is completely free to download. To get your hands of a copy of My secrets to styling your wedding day, click the link:

All images taken by Rachel Jane Photography at a creative flat lay workshop I attended by Kate Cullen