Interview with Gemma King, iVOW Wedding Planner

Interview with Gemma King, Manager and Designer of the iVOW Wedding Planner App and Ex Wedding Co-ordinator for 4* and 5* venues across South Wales.

1. So tell us what is iVOW - Wedding Planner?

iVOW – Wedding Planner is a FREE wedding planning app for Apple iPhone and iPad. It offers all the wedding tools you need to plan your wedding whether at home or out and about.

2. Why was the app created?

The app was created to support newly engaged couples looking to plan their wedding, offering timescales, ideas and an interactive service with your chosen venue and suppliers. Planning a wedding should be stress free and fun, not create endless worry.

3. How will this app benefit couples who are looking to get married?

The app has been designed by a wedding coordinator with engaged couples in mind. We introduce and streamline the service between you, venues and suppliers, whilst guiding you through each step of the way with industry knowledge and tools to plan your perfect day.

4. What can they do with the app?

 We offer; Budget planners, Guest lists, Table plans, To-Do Lists, Pin Boards, Wedding Showcase dates and countdown timers. PLUS a venue and supplier finder, which offers full interactivity such as; Place enquiries, Direct messaging, Brochure downloads, Invoicing, Quick calls and more.   

5. Why is this app different to other wedding planning apps on the market? 

The interactivity we offer allows you to synchronise your app with your chosen venue and suppliers, opening up a smooth planning service across one platform. You can send ‘Direct messages’ to your suppliers and wedding coordinator, have your questions answered quickly and efficiently using their ‘Frequently asked questions’ service, Save ‘Invoices’ and receive payment notifications when bills are due. Most excitingly you can build your table plans around a venues floor plan and move guests around the room seamlessly.     

6. How can they download the app?

The app is FREE to download on Apple iPhone and iPad, just follow this link - 

7. What are the future plans for IVOW to develop the app further? 

We will be introducing this full app service to Android devices late 2018 and have many more features to come.

8. Can we find you on social media? 

For inspiration, tips, recommendations, app updates and more, you can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @iVOWweddingapp.

About ‘iVOW – Wedding Planner - The modern day wedding planner’

Designed by a wedding coordinator, to streamline the wedding planning process between you and your chosen wedding venue & suppliers.  Planning a wedding is renowned for being stressful, but it’s a special experience that should be fun! That is where iVOW – Wedding Planner steps in - Gone are the days of paper wedding planners, when you can now carry you whole wedding plans with you in an app 24/7...and its FREE to download for iPhone and iPad. 

You can even share your plans with your fiancé, log in on multiple devices, send your updated guest list to your parents or submit the completed list to your wedding coordinator with a tap of a button. 

iVOW – Wedding Planner features include:

Venue & Supplier finder | Budget planners | Guest lists | Table plans | Pin boards | To do lists | Countdown timer 

Plus open full interactivity features with your venue and suppliers for support along the way.


Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages:   @iVOWweddingapp
The app store to download the app:
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