Dreaming of a winter wedding?

Dreaming of a winter wedding?

At the start of every new season I think to myself I love this time of the year. Even though I really dislike the dark mornings and evenings, as we approach Christmas I always feel like there is something really magical about this time of year. 

The summer is always the busiest time for weddings, however more and more people are opting for a winter wedding. So whether it’s the roaring open fires, glistening fairy lights, beautiful Christmas trees or those crisp frosty days you’re dreaming about, I explore some of the positives of choosing a winter wedding below. 

#1 More choice of venues, dates & suppliers 

With wedding season over, the venue you have dreamt of getting married in is likely to have more dates available, this is also a great option if you want to get married fairly quickly after you have got engaged, rather than waiting two years or more! This is also true for many wedding suppliers, so if you have been swooning over your favourite florists, photographers or cake designers on Instagram, you are more likely to be able to book them on your date during the winter season. 

#2 Less weather stress

Many people who get married in the summer get stressed about the weather (for tips on dealing with this read my blog post: https://www.carolynlouise.com/blog/dancing-with-my-baby-in-the-summer-rain). However, organise a winter wedding and brides are much more accepting to all weather conditions, which instantly lifts a whole load of unnecessary stress. If you’re lucky enough to have some frost, a dusting of snow, or those beautiful cold crisp winter days, they can also guarantee some beautiful photo opportunities. 

#3 Go formal 

I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I love an excuse to get dressed up. A winter wedding is the perfect excuse for a black tie dress code and makes your wedding day a little unique and different for guests.  

#4 Styling

Winter is the perfect time to bring in those darker colours to bring in some depth to your wedding decor. They can be easily matched with the beautiful wedding pastels, think blush pink with deep burgundy. Velvet is also a big trend at the moment, which can give your wedding a touch of elegance and glamour, perhaps think about swapping your silk table runner for a luxurious velvet runner. I love candles and whatever time of year I will include candles in my styling, however with the darker days, your candles will stand out even more and look beautiful. And of course with Christmas it’s more than likely your venue will have decorated for Christmas so you get the additional decoration for no extra cost! (Unless you’re getting married in January/February - then you might want to make sure these are gone!) 

#5 Guests 

With less people getting married in the winter months and less holidays booked your guests are much more likely going to be able to attend a winter wedding. They may even thank you for having an excuse to miss the dreaded office party or instantly giving them the perfect end to the year, spending New Years with family, friends and those they love. 

Are you planning a winter wedding? Let me know! Share your comments over on my Instagram or Facebook page.