5 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Fireworks Display

5 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Fireworks Display

Wedding fireworks can add a lot of excitement and fun to your big day. Planning for your fireworks display takes a bit of time – like all wedding planning, really! - but here are the five simple steps that can lead to a perfect fireworks display.

Step #1: Talk to Your Wedding Venue

The most important thing is to talk fireworks with your wedding venue. Although most UK wedding venues allow fireworks, many have special conditions you must follow. The most common is to have a professional fireworks company be in charge of the fireworks display. Venues sometimes also impose their own time constrictions, though either way you will have to follow the law in terms of when and where you set off fireworks.

Talk to your wedding venue first to get your plans moving!

Step #2: Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

‘More is better’ does not always apply to fireworks. Your display doesn’t have to last forever in order to be great. You can have a fantastic fireworks display in 5 to 15 minutes as long as you focus on quality over quantity. 

The elements of a good fireworks display are:

  • Increasing the tempo as the display moves on.

  • Strategic use of big rockets to add depth and character to the display.

  • Filling empty spaces with fireworks like Roman candles.

Quality also doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in terms of budget. A good wedding fireworks display doesn’t have to cost a fortune, although a professional fireworks company will naturally cost more than creating a DIY show. However, having a professional fireworks group to do the show will save you a lot of time and hassle!

Step #3: Match Your Firework Colours with Your Wedding Theme Colours

Your wedding’s theme colour can also show in your wedding fireworks display! Fireworks come in many colours and it’s possible to pick fireworks with a specific theme colour in mind. 

Step #4: Add a Special Touch

Wedding fireworks displays should have that extra something to give your wedding guests a display to remember. One beautiful and popular option is to have your fireworks synchronised with music. Choose a special song and you’ll end up with a touching display.

There are other tricks available when it comes to wedding fireworks displays. You could include numbers, letters or symbols to your display. What could be lovelier than to have your initials explode on the night sky right at the end?

Step #5: Time it Well

Of course, a good wedding fireworks display is not just about what it looks like, but also when it happens. Timing is important when it comes to wedding fireworks. A popular option is to have the fireworks towards the end of the reception, almost as a grand finale. Some even use the fireworks as a perfect moment to escape the reception without a drawn-out goodbye!

If your wedding reception is an evening event, you could also start the show with fireworks. This is a lovely way to get the party started with a bang, but wedding fireworks also work in the middle – it’s a good way to add excitement midway through the reception or as a little “break” before the final hour or so of the party. 

Fireworks are a great way to add an extra wow-factor to your wedding. They are versatile and fun – the planning takes a bit of effort but you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic show at the end of it!

Wedding Fireworks by Firework Crazy  https://www.weddingfireworks.co.uk/

Wedding Fireworks by Firework Crazy https://www.weddingfireworks.co.uk/

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